lesbian girls sex story - Shopping for a Bra

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lesbian girls sex story - Shopping for a Bra

Unread post by rajkumari » 26 Dec 2016 14:24

For some the simple chore of shopping is fun and something that some can spend hours and hours losing themselves in. I am just not one of those individuals. I find it daunting and the most boring thing imaginable. Growing up in a very small town probably attributes some to my reluctance as much as the fact that my mom was the ultimate shopper and relished in the idea of trying on every dress in the local she was shopping. Boring!

So here I was a middle age female in need of a bra. Why do bra companies make the perfect one and then toss it to the side the next year? This makes no sense to me!

I had to sit aside sometime to drive to the town down the interstate as we, in our small town uniqueness, have no stores to do this shopping in anymore.

There are several stores where I would spend hours trying to locate the one perfect fit. I went with my gut and presented myself to the biggest of the chains and hiked to the lingerie department where I am met with a slew of likely candidates. Here for all to ponder are all shapes and sizes.

At that particular time, one bra company was marketing one special bra as making you seem to be smaller. I did not know how that might be feasible, but was up to seeing if possible. I am rather on the large side in that particular area and any help would be appreciated.

A sales lady came up on me looking shell shocked and bemused. She asked if I needed any help. I held up the chosen holster and asked in order for it to work, what size should I squeeze myself into.

Now, remember, marketing said would make me look smaller, so she suggested the size I was in the bra I was wearing. So, I chose the color I was in need of and went to the dressing room with the sales lady right on my heels.

She told me she would stand outside in case I needed assistance. Now, on past experiences, I would have to chase down anyone to help me, this was certainly a surprise!

I placed the bra on and was not happy with what I saw in the mirror! Not at all! It was binding and had my melons all out of whack.

She asked if she could come in. So, with no hesitation, I opened the door and turned around to face the mirror yet again. Now imagine, when all of a sudden, I was met with the image of her placing her hands into my cups moving to the front where my nipples were located. I do not remember if I took a gulp of air but I am sure I was surprised.

She asked me if her hands were cold and did not apologize at all. She turned and told me she would be right back with another one to try on.

I was left standing and trying to process what had just taken place. Did I imagine it or did it really happen?

With what seemed like seconds she was back and handing me the next size for me to try on.

Once again, I opened the door and invited her in. (Might be crazy but let's see what would happen this time?) She acted like nothing was any different and went to put her hands on my cups. It felt like she had pulled me back towards her and she was standing very close to me. With her hands cupping my encased breasts, she told me that this was a better fit but just to make sure, let's try on the next size.

Yes, I am just that crazy! So off she goes one more time to locate the next size. And then she comes back, handing me the next one while she waits for me to load this one up.

Once again, I invite her in. And yes, here she goes. Her hands slide right into the cups and I feel her running her hands around my fullness and what I believe is her tweaking my nipple. She proclaims that this is the one I need to purchase.

After all of her work and my doing the on-off jig for my jugs, who was I to say no?

So the bra that was supposed to make you look smaller in fact was two sizes above what I had been wearing in my old bra and after a racy dressing room experience was one I would never ever forget!

Just so you know, yes, I went back to look for her on other occasions but never saw my "magic hands" lady again!